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PC and Phone Shop on Going Green

Coming into 2022 I'm sure we're all trying to make small or big changes to be kinder to our environment and the planet. At SMS, we're always moving forwards to be more green and eco-friendly, so below are just a few of the ways we're doing our part for the planet.

  1. Free Recycling Service

We offer a free recycling service for all forms of tech, including PCs, laptops, phones, printers, monitors and more. We make sure 100% of our e-waste is recycled, making sure as little as possible ends up in landfill.

Our free recycling service is open to anyone, so drop your old tech items down to SMS to free up some space in your home and do a bit for the planet at the same time!

2. We repair phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, consoles and more, all with high-quality parts that ensures you get the full life out of your device instead of buying a new device unnecessarily. Should your device be beyond repair, we offer our free device recycling service so you know your phone, laptop or PC won't end up in landfill.

3. We stock high quality refurbished phones and laptops, helping you buy refurbished rather than new!

4. As a business, we recycle 100% of our waste. We pass on packaging materials to other local businesses and offer our cardboard as compost.

We're proud of how far we've come to be as eco-conscious as possible, and we're always looking at ways to become even more green! So, if you're ever about to throw away your old device and buy something new, bring it to our expert technicians at SMS first. You'll save yourself some money and help the planet in the process.

SMS, 2 High Street, Chard, TA20 1QB

01460 65745

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