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Beverley and Star have been driving carriages together around Chard, Ilminster and Crewkerne for several years now - you may have seen them at different events throughout Somerset. The carriage also transforms into a 'sleigh' around Christmas time and Star becomes a 'Reindeer' for the season.

The Swisstulle Group sells a large variety of bobbinet products for a wide range of applications throughout the world.

Swisstulle bobbinet tulles serve as wig bases, material for haute couture, high-quality designer fashion wear. The broad bobbinets (up to 17 metres) are often used for theatre stage design. Now, and in the future, bobbinet tulles are increasingly used for high-tech, because when silver yarns are used, they display ideal conducting characteristics.

Bailhache Law offer bespoke legal services in the fields of company, corporate and commercial law focused on your business needs. They recognize that small business and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of the community and the economy.

Life Centred Healing enables reconnection, rebalance and revitalization so that you live the Life that you yearn. My aim is to provide a genuine holistic and sensitive service to enable you to reach your potential.

The dedicated support team at SMS can diagnose and repair any issues with your computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone with our professional repair service.

Somerset Media Solutions operates a PC & laptop repair service where we will come and pick up your computer or work on it from your home.

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