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Meet the Team

Will at the desk_edited

Will, our Managing Director, has been working for the company right from the beginning. Almost 4 years ago he started out on a few hours a week doing admin and has worked his way up to Managing Director. As well as playing a big part in running the business he also handles the majority of repairs in house. In his spare time he enjoys working on his PC, playing games, cycling and social events with his friends.


Tyler Rose is the newest member of our team, and began working with us April 2018. He quickly became an asset, and a customer favourite. Tyler is our supervising technician as well as our leading call out tech. Tyler is a real people person and so has a passion for customer service as well as technology. When not working on computers, Tyler enjoys spending time with friends, walking his dog, and playing PC games.


Marley is head of security at SMS. He can often be found patrolling the shop (that is when he isn't off duty napping on the sofa!) Out of the office Marley enjoys long walks on the beach and chasing squirrels.

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