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SMS Corona Virus - Update 6/08/2020

Due to the rising severity of COVID-19 we are implementing additional health and safety procedures to limit the spread of the virus for the safety of staff, their friends, families and of course, our valued customers. Below is detailed but not limited to the actions we have taken and will be taking:


  1. We have established a 1-way system through our store marked out with visual aids in the form of floor stickers, posters, and arrows, please follow the system to maintain social distancing at all times

  2. We have provided hand sanitizer and paper towels when you enter the store and we ask you to please wash your hands before proceeding to the front desk

  3. We have a customer limit of 2 customers at a time, please queue to the right of an entrance at a 2m distance of other customers and keep a distance from the entrance to allow others to safely exit the building

  4. Our staff reserve the right to refuse service, or to look at devices on the spot, if they feel you have not taken appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of the virus

  5. All devices are cleaned after they have been booked in, and before they are returned to you, they are also placed in sealed grip lock bags between servicing.

  6. All staff will wear masks when entering the shop floor

  7. We please ask that you do not handle stock unless you intend on buying it, if you would like to touch something, we will provide a disposable pair of gloves

  8. All our doors are kept open during opening times to ensure proper ventilation

  9. Staff are encouraged to regularly wash their hands and always have hand sanitizer nearby in the work area

  10. All surfaces are regularly wiped down by staff throughout the day, as well as every morning using an anti-viral spray.

  11. When doing home visits, a member of staff will bring Hand sanitizer with them and are required to wear a mask, we ask that you also wear a mask for both yours and our protection

  12. Due to the cost of implementing these measures we have added a £3 surcharge on our diagnostics fee

  13. We have a social distancing screen in place on our front desk that is cleaned daily

We have a range of refurbished laptops in stock and ready to go should anyone need a laptop to work from home, we can also professionally refurbish any laptop you have at home running windows 7 or above to use to work from home, just contact us via Facebook, email or phone.


You can download our remote support tool here
 We are also offering remote training via zoom which can be downloaded here

Thank-you from the SMS team

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